Tokyo is already a pretty crowded city, and it comes to no surprise that it has some of the smallest apartments in the world. But a recent news program exposed a whole new level of cramped living conditions with people forced to pay ridiculous rent for literally coffin-sized apartments.

People are willing to fork out 55,000 Yen a month ($586) for these “locker apartments” Shibuya district in Tokyo. These apartments are literally stacked on top of each other, some don’t even have windows. They span no more than 3 meters across and barely have room for a small TV, pillows, a blanket and some clothes. Those apartments seriously can’t be good for your posture!


The news program that showcased the apartments interviewed two tenants, a young entrepreneur and an aspiring actress. Though most of these people are at work a majority of the time and they would only use these apartments for sleeping, it’s still a little absurd to pay so much just for somewhere to rest.


Tenants stated that they would prefer these apartments over an apartment on the outskirts of Tokyo, as proximity to their work and other conveniences comes before living conditions. Understandably, commuting in Tokyo can take several hours along with the eight hours of daily work and would obviously become exhausting.

So would you pay $600 for a tiny, little locker apartment like this if it meant you were close to work? Or would you just prefer a lengthy daily commute?

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