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These days you can get pretty much any kind of accessory you want for your smartphone; from giant stuffed animals to making your phone look like a tray of food and even dressing it. But someone finally made the move and decided that phone’s now need to stop going commando.

Japanese toy and video game maker, Bandai, produced these unique undergarments titled SmartPants. They’re essentially underwear that cover up your phone’s private parts (AKA the home button on the front). As the home button is often pressed, people may opt for some form of protection, but this is a pretty interesting solution to the problem.

The SmartPants will sell for 200 yen (US$2.13) in March, and promotions have already advertised them as “the world’s first pair of underwear that can be worn by your smartphone”.

There are eight different types of underwear to dress your phone in: briefs, striped panties, boomerang, leopard-print thong, boxer briefs, a bright red thong, strawberry panties and a “secret”.

However all of the SmartPants are currently and surprisingly sold out. Many have taken to Twitter to demand more with cries of “I want one!!!”.

So do you have problems with your smartphone’s home button? Ever thought of simply clothing it?


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