Shhh NK

If you’re a North Korean news and media junkie, then things just got interesting, as Instagram has made its way into North Korea.

North Korean cellular provider, Koryolink, recently opened mobile data services to North Korea and it appears Associated Press Korea Bureau Chief, Jean H. Lee (Instagram: @newsjean), has taken some of the first Instagram shots inside North Korea.

There’s a catch however – only guest visitors, press, and the North Korean elite are allowed to use these services, while locals are not.

Even so, North Korean is slowly gaining more access to wireless services, as Koryolink now has over 1 million subscribers in North Korea. While 3G wireless has been in the country for some time, the government only allows the network to be used for telephone calls.

It appears North Korea is trying to figure out this “Internet” thing for its people, recently inviting Google Executive Chairman, Eric Schmidt to come and talk shop. His daughter, Sophie Schmidt, wrote a very detailed account of their visit on her blog.

Hopefully we’ll get to see some new and interesting things from a photo view into one of the most isolated countries in the world.

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