Miss Chinese Vancouver 2012 Gloria Tang for her success in winning Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013

The 20-year-old marketing student from the University of British Columbia, Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀), has done Vancouver ladies justice once again.

What exactly tops being named the winner of the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant 2012?

If anything, it’s what Charlie Sheen would proudly proclaim as “bi-winning” – Gloria has again been crowned, this time as the Miss Chinese International Pageant 2013 in Hong Kong.

The pageant, having happened on February 24th, pitched the #16 Richmond resident, Gloria, against 16 winning delegates around the world, including first and second runner-ups #6 Denise Tan (陳楚寰) of Malaysia and #5 Carat Cheung (張名雅) of Hong Kong.

However, her Vancouver charm, on top of her beauty and charismatic confidence edged the competition, especially with her refreshing rope dance which received both great scores and wows from judges during her talent performance.

Five of her predecessors at the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant had previously captured the title of Miss Chinese International, including Bernice Liu (2001), Shirley Zhou (2002), Linda Chung (2004), Leanne Li (2005) and Eliza Sam (2010).

As the 6th winner, Gloria’s victory is a testament to the beauty of Vancouver ladies and the Miss Chinese Vancouver Pageant’s global status. For our guy readers out there, that roughly translates to “it’s a great day to be a Vancouverite”. On behalf of Vancouver, thank you and congratulations once again, Gloria!

For those of you who want to catch a glimpse of Gloria, she will be returning to Vancouver to attend a press conference at Aberdeen Centre on Thursday March 7th, 2013, at 1:30pm, to express her gratitude for all the support and love that she received throughout her pageant journey.

Be sure to check back on AX3 for more updates about Gloria and the press conference. There will be more coverage in the week ahead, so stay tuned!

Winners of the Miss Chinese International 2013

Miss Chinese International 2013:  Gloria Tang Pui Yee (No.16, Vancouver)

Miss Chinese International 1st Runner-up 2013: Denise Tzushiuan Tan (No. 6, Kuala Lumpur)

Miss Chinese International 2nd Runner-up 2013: Carat Cheung Ming Nga (No.5, Hong Kong)

Miss Friendship 2013: Elizabeth Weinberger Lauren (No.7, Los Angeles)

Star of Tomorrow Award: Jessica Song Qinyi (No.15, Toronto)