As with all endeavours, the Japanese have found a way to turn wood shaving into an artform.

On November, the Kezurou-Kai (Wood Planing Tournament) gathered the best wood planers and carpenters in Japan to one location, the island of Shikoku. While tool makers and wood product enthusiasts were also there to sell and look at anything wood related, the biggest draw was definitely the wood planing tournament. The point of this tournament is to see who can plane, or shave the thinnest wood shaving off a piece of wood.

The results are ridiculous. Winners are frequently able to shave wood to just 9 microns.  A micron is ridiculously small. For example your blood cells are only 9 microns across, and your hair is considered to be wide as a truck when compared to 9 microns, as an average human hair is about 100 microns across. What the heck?! How is that even possible?

Check out the video to see the Kezurou-Kai in action.

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