Hello everyone, welcome back to Trendy Tuesday! This week I decided to give all the boys a little attention by writing a men’s fashion feature on my favourite male K-Pop group, BIGBANG. Although I adore their ever-evolving but always enjoyable musical style, the five members of BIGBANG have set themselves apart from the rest of the pack by virtue of their edgy and adventurous fashion tastes. While each member possesses his own signature look, I chose to highlight the styles of BIGBANG’s three biggest trend-setters: G-Dragon, T.O.P., and Taeyang.


As a the leader of BIGBANG, G-Dragon (or “GD”) is known for his wide range of musical and performance talents. However, he is also renowned for being one of the group’s biggest fashionistas. Always willing to push the boundaries of fashion with his clothes, accessories, shoes, and hair, G-Dragon has a style worthy of emulation if you know how to water down his extreme outfits into slightly tamer versions.

In regard to the outfit featured below, I would highly recommend taking the plunge and trying out the recent trend of coloured denim. Although you might feel apprehensive about trying these eye-catching jeans for the first time, I assure you that they are a wonderful way with which cheer yourself up on even the gloomiest of days. The varsity jacket and lace-up combat boots are also some fall-friendly fashion trends that will permit you to fend off the fast-approaching colder weather and to look enviably stylish at the same time.

1. Heathered Varsity Jacket from Forever 21 ($28.90)
2. LDN Horizon Tee from FCUK ($38.00)
3. Dyed Trousers with Knee Patches from Zara ($79.90)
4. Pennie Casual Boots from Aldo ($150.00)
5. Buckled Strap Cuff from Forever 21 ($5.79)
6. Buckled Leather Cuff from Forever 21 ($5.79)

2) T.O.P.
After G-Dragon, T.O.P. runs a close second to being the most fashion-forward individual of the group. Along with his good looks and top-notch rapping skills, this particular fashion plate loves to boldly try out the latest and most eye-poppingly risky styles in hair and clothing. For instance, T.O.P. is currently sporting an audacious shade of ice blue as his most recent hair colour and even then he can be seen frequently changing the way in which his hair is styled.
The outfit shown below demonstrates how the average male can try a more casual side of T.O.P.’s style by wearing a bright-coloured sweater, a print shirt, jeans, and loafers. If the loud print pattern scares you, feel free to replace it with a plainer, more neutral coloured collared shirt.

1. Villain “Zyon” Shirt from Topman ($126.8o)
2. Merino V-Neck Sweater from J. Crew ($85.00)
3. Jeans with Two Tone Threads from Zara ($59.90)
4. “Miller” Suede Slim Soled Loafers from Topman ($95.00)


While I may love each of these three individuals to an embarrassing level of fangirl-hood, Taeyang conquered a special place in my heart after I first watched his Wedding Dress music video more than two years ago. His smooth-as-silk voice and even smoother dance moves hold unfair advantages for him in successfully winning over the hearts of countless female admirers.

Widely acknowledged as being the best dancer of the BIGBANG group, Taeyang often wears more casual styles inspired by his love of hip-hop and R&B. In the outfit collage below, I have found various items with which you can imitate his usual look of a baseball cap, graphic print tank top, and coloured denim. For those with more expensive tastes in fashion accessories, I threw in a Chrome Hearts bracelet (a brand that GD and Taeyang both greatly enjoy), a David Yurman bracelet, and some fancy Y-3 high top sneakers.

1. Obey Super Brawl Black Tank Top from Zumiez ($24.95)
2. Twill Pants from Forever 21 ($32.90)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers MLB All Leagues 59FIFTY from New Era ($34.99)
4. Chrome Hearts Sterling Bracelet on Ebay.com ($405.00)
5. Royal Cord Curb Chain Bracelet from David Yurman ($1,100.00)
6. Honja-High Top Sneakers from Y-3 ($340.00)

I hope that you enjoyed reading about these three BIGBANG members as much as I enjoyed writing about them! Also, never let your fear of being too “out-there” with your fashion stop you from expressing yourself with bold new styles.