Movie Magic- Sept 25

Watching a good movie has always been one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long and tiring day. Such a movie will allow you to rest your weary body while stimulating your senses with an engaging and fascinating story line. From a fashion standpoint, the silver screen has been the birthplace of many legendary style icons, such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and classic fashions, such as the Little Black Dress (LBD). On this particular Trendy Tuesday, I would like to share several outfits that were inspired by four fashionable movies: Pretty WomanBreakfast at Tiffany’s, Spellbound, and Nightfall.

When I randomly decided to watch the 1990 film “Pretty Woman” last week, I was immediately struck with how many of the fashions portrayed in the movie were similar to popular styles today. For instance, the red over-sized “boyfriend” blazer, the thigh-high boots, and the cut-out dress are all trends that have come back to life within the last few seasons. As well, Julia Roberts, when dressed as a streetwalker in the opening scene, was shown putting on an “arm party” of assorted bracelets and bangles. As many fashion-obsessed individuals already know, the act of stacking large amounts of bracelets, bangles, and other “arm candy” onto one’s arm to create an “arm party” has been a very recent and visible accessorization trend. The outfit collage below demonstrates how you can transform Julia Robert’s risqué look into a stylish ensemble suitable for everyday use.

1. Cotton Cabbie Hat from Le Chateau ($25)
2. Cut-out Chiffon Dress from Rare London ($98)
3. Tall Boots from Aldo ($175)
4. Cross Charm Necklace from Forever 21 ($4.68)
5. Arrowhead Necklace from Forever 21 ($5.65)
6. Rhinestone Medallion Necklace from  Forever 21 ($6.80)
7. Rhinestoned Stud Bracelet from Forever 21 ($11)
8. Leather-like Studded Bangle from Le Chateau ($12.95)
9. Rhinestoned Square Bracelet from Forever 21 ($6.63)


Another source of timeless style inspiration is the famous 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” This gem of a movie is a lighthearted romance drenched in effortless style and fashion, especially with regard to the incomparable Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn’s delightful charm, beauty, and style were undoubtedly the main factors in maintaining this film’s status as a noteworthy classic.

Although “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is more widely known for its glamorous outfits, such as the Givenchy little black dress and pearl necklace worn in the opening sequence, I wanted to focus on the more casual, yet still classy, ensembles worn by Hepburn’s character, Holly Golightly. The outfit collage below centers around the sort of clothes, such as sweaters and cigarette pants, that Holly Golightly would have worn while lounging at home with “Cat” or singing “Moon River” on the fire escape. As Hepburn was known to be a strong believer in chic comfort and en pointe accessorization, choosing attractive, comfortable flats and earrings would certainly have been condoned by the great fashionista herself.

1. Angora Blend Sweater from H&M ($59.95)
2. Stretch Twill Trousers from H&M  ($29.95)
3. Polo Neck Sweater from H&M ($39.95)
4. Ankle Length Trousers from H&M ($29.95)
5. Pointy Toed Flats with Studded Heel from Spring ($40.00)
6. Larison Ballet Flats from Spring ($40.00)
7. Four Earring Pairs from H&M ($4.95)
8. Leather Bag from H&M ($59.95)


Our third movie is a much more contemporary romance-comedy of Asian origins. “Spellbound” is a Korean 2011 film that centers around Yeo-ri, a girl whose near-death experience had given her the ability to interact with ghosts (think The Sixth Sense). However, she is also plagued by the malicious spirit of her ex-best friend that does its best to scare off Yeo-ri’s potential suitors, friends, or family. Fortunately, she manages to catch the eye of Jo-goo, an aspiring magician, who is willing to risk the lethal attention of a grudge-holding ghost in order to be with Yeo-ri.

Throughout this film, I admired the cute and cosy styles worn by Yeo-ri as she battled the frigid cold of both ghosts and a snowy winter. By the end of this heartwarming movie, I was struck with the sudden urge to stock up on turtlenecks, over-sized knit sweaters, wool coats and stockings for my winter wardrobe. If you wish to do the same, check out the outfit collage below for some inspiration.

1. Fit and Flare Wool Coat from bebe ($179)
2. Polo Neck Top from H&M ($14.95)
3. Metallic Blend Sheath Dress from Forever 21 ($23.80)
4. Wool Tights from H&M ($12.95)
5. Aukes Mid Boots from Aldo ($120)
6. Shopper Basket Bag from Zara ($79.90)


Our last silver screen style inspirations will be taken from the 2012 Hong Kong movie “Nightfall.” This suspenseful thriller revolves around three main characters: one particularly fashionable and timid daughter, her wealthy and abusive father, and a newly-released convict who seems very intent on observing them. I won’t reveal any more of the story line for those who might wish to watch this movie for themselves!

Although I felt horrible for the abused daughter (played by Janice Man), I found myself taking a greater interest in the assortment of pretty outfits that she wore throughout the film. Recently, I have found myself gravitating towards full-bodied mid- to ankle-length skirts in order to add an attractively feminine element to my outfits. In the collage below, I have attempted to show how you can create a lovely ensemble by putting together a well-chosen flowy blouse and skirt.

1. High-Low Dolman Top from Forever 21 ($17.80)
2. Full Knee Length Skirt from Forever 21 ($23.80)
3. Necklace with Glass Gems from Zara ($35.90)
4. Quilted Faux-leather Crossbody Bag from Banana Republic ($59.50)
5. Giuseppe Zanotti Heels from Browns ($598)


If you have made it to the end of this post, I hope that you were inspired by these silver screen fashions to try out new trends and styles. Also, don’t feel too guilty if you find yourself watching a movie purely for fashion purposes- you’re certainly not alone!