Top 10 English Song Covers by Male Kpop Idols

Here in AX3 we aim to connect the East with the West. What can be more relevant than having Kpop idols singing english covers? Below is my list of the top 10 english cover performances by male Kpop idols. Take a stab at it and see if you agree. Be sure to stick around because the female version will be coming soon!

10) Jonghyun & Onew of SHINee – “So Sick” (Ne-Yo Cover)
Kicking off the top 10 list is Jonghyun and Onew. Jonghyun covers the song nicely with his rugged but high vocals, which gives the song a pleasant alternative to the smooth and soothing vocals from Ne-Yo.

9) Yonghwa & Jonghyun of CNBLUE – “Geek In The Pink” (Jason Mraz Cover)
Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s performance is a prime example of why Korean pop music has it’s loyal fanbase. Yonghwa accentuates confidence and enthusiasm even though he slips up on his lyrics to the incredibly fast pace song.

8) Nichkhun of 2PM – “Don’t Wanna Try” (Frankie J Cover)
What else can this guy do? He can dance, sing, and play piano! Nichkhun of 2PM brings a vibrant vibe to a sad song with a smiling face and punctual lyrics.

7) Yoseob of BEAST/B2ST – “Cracks of My Broken Heart” (Eric Benet Cover)
If you want to know what is making love to the microphone, here is what it means. Yoseob’s rendition of the song makes you feel like he is singing exclusively to you and meaning every word he says.

6) Hanbyul of LED Apple – “Falling Slowly” (Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova Cover)
LED Apple is a lesser known Korean pop rock band who debut in 2010. After several member changes, their lead vocalist is now Hanbyul who has a beautiful voice with control even at high notes. His demonstration in tackling such a difficult and high pitched song proves he has a solid grasp of his vocals. Expect to hear more from him in the future.

5) Jay Park – “Nothing on You” (B.O.B Cover)
Alright, most of you should have known this was coming. After his departure from 2PM, Jay Park started up his own YouTube channel covering English songs. Jay nails Bruno Mars’ part with his fluent English and smooth vocals. He makes the song his own when he adds a meaningful and self-composed rap, which flows flawlessly with the rest of the song.

4) Taeyang of Big Bang – “Don’t Wanna Try” (Frankie J Cover)
Here is a surprise from Taeyang. Commonly known as the dancer in the group, Taeyang stuns the crowd with his unforgettable performance of “Don’t Wanna Try.” Singing a song at a karaoke bar is easy but to add the sad emotions of song in both vocals and piano is when you can really tell which idols actually have musical talent.

3) K.Will – “Love Is On The Way” (Billy Porter Cover)
Probably the most underrated singer on the list is K.Will. His stellar vocal range and powerful delivery deserves far more recognition than he is getting now. His ability to change from low to high tones with ease and mastery in all ranges makes his voice just as good, if not better, than the classical African-American musicians like Boys II Men, Brian McKnight and Billy Porter. In this performance, all he really needs is a choir in the background to make it the best ever performance of the song.

2) Se7en – “One Last Cry” (Brian McKnight Cover)
Another idol who could very well compete against the legendary African-American musicians is Se-se-se-seven. Not only does he increase the difficulty by scaling up the song but he magnificently showcases the confidence and control of his voice by fiddling with the last few notes as if he was playing an instrument. With such a spectacular performance, Se7en rightfully deserves to be among the top of the list as very few within the Kpop industry can do better than what he does in this performance.

1) Xia Junsu of JYJ – “My Everything” (98 Degrees Cover)
It should not come to a surprise for one of the ‘Gods’ of DBSK/TVXQ to claim the top spot. Xia simply owns the song with his flawless vocal abilities both in control and in emotions. Not only does he make the song his own with his breath taking vocals, Xia also makes musical love to the audience. The intensity he brings in delivering the song makes his performance far better than the original.

Do you agree with who won? Do you know any performances that deserve to be on the list? Leave your comment below!