He’s a musician from the San Fernando Valley in California with a voice as smooth as butter. He does quite well for himself on that YouTube platform too. The man I’m talking about is none other than, Mr. Joseph Vincent.

AX3 had the pleasure of speaking to Joseph when he was here at the end of June headlining in Vancouver for INSPIRE Summer 2012. During the interview, some questions came up. (No, I don’t mean the generic interview questions that facilitated the interview. These are questions that derived from those generic interview questions. Duh!) Questions like, what’s the similarity between Joseph Vincent fans and orange juice? What animal is the “unicorn of the sea”? And lastly, how do you know if you are ready for the real world? The answers to such questions will be revealed once you check out this AX3 Exclusive interview!

It’s nearly 10 minutes long and packed with exclusive footage from the concert, Matt’s interview with the man himself, as well as some funny outtakes you definitely gotta see! Plus, you’ll get to hear his killer laugh. He’s got a great laugh.

So without further adieu…