Since the dawn of social media network age, we’ve not only taken a lot of pictures, but the frequency at which we have taken pictures has largely increased – and Hong Kong people have been particularly entertained by the idea and have creatively made the act a part of their daily routine. Below is a quick compilation of what Hong Kong people have most commonly shared on their social network, do you agree?

Number 6: Sick Medicine

Why? Although it is strange that Hong Kong people share their sick status, and stranger yet people will “like” their status – it may be easier to think of it this way. A sick person who is stuck at home feeling bored and lonely will only feel worse; by sharing the photo, the sharer instantly receives likes as well as messages of comfort. Additionally, even the boss won’t think the sick leave was a hoax! Who says the doctors the note was the only way out? Good thinking Hong Kongers!

Number 5: Airport Departure Display

Why? First of all, it’s the place everybody in Hong Kong going on a vacation will take a picture of! It clearly shows the person’s time, place, and scheduled flight. However, a lot of people mistaken these photos for having no particular use. In fact, in case of a flight disaster, you can follow the information in these photos to confirm your Hong Kong pal’s survival – better than having to awkwardly call them only to find they’re perfectly safe eating dim sum somewhere!

Number 4: New Cellphone or Camera

Why? For some, buying a new phone or camera means instant sharing – an invitation to check out their new bling. However, if one digs deeper there is another reason. As cellphones get more and more expensive and common, phone theft is always occurring – in the case you are a victim of phone theft, with these pictures, you at least have proof you owned it when you complain to mall security!

Number 3: Hair (The guys)

Why? Gel, Gatsby, Hairspray – any hair product you can name – the guys have all used it. So you think it’s to show-off their sexy style? Think again, thirty years down the road that scalp may no longer have any hair left for creative styling. For Hong Kong guys, taking a picture of that their hair is a symbol of current youth, and for the future – a memory of youth once possessed. After all, balding is imminent!

Number 2: Self-portraits (The girls, some guys)

Why? Whether it is getting new mascara, new clothes, or just a new poses (Chok樣) – Hong Kong people, especially girls, are never too shy to share their self-portraits to capture these moments. But if you think they are indicators of a narcissist personality, you are mistaken! The underlying meaning of the pictures is to tell the world they are still “good looking, single and looking”. Unless, of course that picture is with their significant other – then it simply implies “I am still good looking, but I am taken – take that all you single boys and girls!”

Number 1: Food

Why? Within every Hong Kong person’s heart, there lies a little foodie. When Hong Kong people take pictures of their food, others like to think they are being overzealous about their food, especially on occasions where the food goes cold before the last camera flash. But think of the flip side – Hong Kong has such a huge selection of restaurants and food that it becomes quite easy to start forgetting what you had last week when you suddenly get to try something more spectacular this week. Sharing these pictures makes it a collective memory among friends – even if their friends never give a dime about it. And of course, whenever eating the same dish again, there is now something to compare against (and you avoid the ensuing comparison arguments – of course, until the argument moves beyond just its looks)!

Are you a Hong Konger? Do you have friends from Hong Kong? The above list is pure opinion, so if you know of other commonalities and/or reasoning relating to Hong Kongers’ love of picture sharing, let us hear it below!