Jackie Chan Is Ready For English Action Comedy

So it turns out Jackie Chan isn’t done with his signature action-comedy movies, as he’s gearing up to make his next movie, which he will produce and be starring in.

After he announced that Chinese Zodiac would be his last big action movie, the news coverage announced was quick to claim he was done with action movies for good. However Jackie announced on his Facebook page that he wasn’t retiring from action movies but just wanted to cut down on the life risking stunts on his movies.

A title has yet to be named for his latest movie, but the script itself has been based on one of Jackie’s original ideas. The story features a detective (Chan) who must track down an American gambler that has fled due to a debt owed to a Macau casino syndicate. The settings include Hong Kong, Macau, Eastern Europe and mainland China.

No word yet on any of the co-stars but it’s good to see Jackie Chan returning to Western action-comedy films, such as Shanghai Noon and the Rush Hour franchise. Jackie is now 58 years old and hopefully he’ll have a few more years before he retires from action films for good.

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