Chinese Man Wins BMW After Keeping Hand On It For 87 Hours

We’ve heard of these sort of contests before in the past but how about in China? How far would a Chinese citizen go to win a brand new BMW 1 Series?

Song Changjiang was the lucky victor who emerged from the 120 contestants of this bizarre competition held in Chengdu, China. All of the participants, aged 18 to 40, signed up in hopes to test their endurance and drive home with a brand new car.

The contest was held near the end of May as part of a real estate sales program in hopes of gaining popularity. However the exhausting tolls on the participants attracted the wrong kind of attention. The organizers brought out several vehicles with palm-shaped stickers on them for participants to keep their hands on. Photos quickly emerged from the event which resulted in quite a few negative reactions.

Participants were allowed a 15-minute break every four hours, to eat, sleep or go to the toilet. After four days and three nights, only 3 were left standing. One quit in tears after his legs had swollen to the point of not being able to walk, and the other giving up 3 hours later leaving Song Changjiang as the victor.

Would a brand new BMW 1 Series be worth putting yourself through four days of torture? What about if you only had the right to drive it for the next 5 years? Song was told that he would have to return the car to the organizing company after the time was up.

He said after the contest:

“I won, but it was not worth it. I’d never do it again. In the end, I didn’t have enough strength to eat. Even if there is an award of a million (RMB), I will not take part in a contest like this in the future”

So who would be brave enough to take the challenge in China?

Check out the gallery below for pictures!

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