With sites like 9gag floating around on the Internet, memes have evolved into a sub-culture in today’s modern society. But how many of them derive themselves from Asian origins? AX3 has compiled a list of what we feel makes up the Asian side of memes. So here is AX3’s Top 10 Asian Memes:

10. Rebellious Asian

This meme features the portrait of a smiling, young, Asian youth. It combines a rebellious action (such as “skips class”) with a counter-statement that proves him to be a well-behaved student (“studies in library for another class”).

9. LMAO Tse Tung

A play on the Chinese Communist party leader, Mao Tse Tung, with the acronym “LMAO” (Laugh My Ass Off). This drawing perfectly unifies Chinese history with Internet culture and became viral after George Takei of Star Trek shared this on his Facebook page, crediting David Cohen.

8. Asian Clipboard Guy

Are you “Asian” enough to get past this guy? Created by the Gumship, this meme tests how immersed you are within Asian culture to see if you’re a true Asian or just a “banana”. So you didn’t finish Diablo 3 within an hour? Well you’re not on the guestlist. Check out the Gumship for more of Asian Clipboard Guy!

7. Funny Reaction Face Kid

Is this the face your friends make at you when the crush of your dreams enters the room?

 6. Fat Asian Baby

If you’re a regular 9gag user, or spend a lot of time on the internet then you probably would have come across this little guy on his scooter. So far he’s been photoshopped into Jurassic Park, the Lion King and has been called to deliver “ron ton soop”.

5. Tiffany SNSD/B*tch Please!

From the popular K-pop girl group SNSD’s Tiffany spawns a new meme! The meme serves as an alternative female version of the “Yao Ming b*tch please” meme, conveying dismissive attitude towards someones comments.


4. Impossibru

What face do you make when you’re surprised? The impossible face originated on a Japanese prank show named Panic Face King. Check out the clip below, it’s hilarious!

3. Asian Dad

Asian parents are known for being strict, and Asian Dad is the perfect virtual embodiment of this phenomenon. So your blood type is A? Why not A+?

2. Jackie Chan “My Brain is Full of F***”

The most common reaction to something that just seems pointless and poses a “WTF” in your head. Jackie Chan’s expression has perfectly captured this reaction with his hands signifying a migraine headache.

1. Yao Ming/B*tch Please!

And without further ado, the number one Asian meme goes to the “Yao Ming/B*tch Please!” meme. As we explained above in the Tiffany meme, this face conveys ignorant attitude towards someone’s input or simply implies that you don’t care. The face is a drawing based on a still-shot of Yao Ming from a post-game press conference.

With the Internet constantly growing, there are sure to be many more Asian memes sprouting on the web. But of the 10 we’ve featured, which is your favorite? Or are there any memes that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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