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Hello readers! This week’s Trendy Tuesday is a tad different from the usual. Here to join us this week is Bonnie Phan, owner of the fashion blog, It’s Strangely Me. Enjoy!

Bonnie, 21, is a Vietnamese fashion blogger hailing from Vancouver, BC. She had initially created the blog out of boredom but eventually realized it was more than just a space to log her outfits. Its significance was in uniting her two passions, writing and her love for the fashion industry.

On her website she writes:

 It’s Strangely Me is a Vancouver-based personal style blog created in 2010 that focuses on my every day street style + financially friendly fashion without compromising style. My aim is to: provide you with a little piece of advice, express my thoughts, share my wild adventures, and above all, grace you with my ever so strange charm.

While she may claim to be a little strange, she is certainly no stranger to the world of a fashion as she is currently a student of Fashion Merchandising at Blanche Macdonald,

Canada’s premium leader for professional training in Makeup Artistry, Fashion Design, Fashion Merchandising, Hairstyling, Esthetics / Spa Therapy and Nail Technology. (Blanche Macdonald Center)

We were lucky enough to have this lovely Vancouverite answer a few of our questions regarding the latest trends for the upcoming Summer 2012 season. Check out the interview below to find out what she had to say about what this season’s hottest trends are, (hint: it was featured in here in a previous TT), what the best thing about Vancouver is, and what her famous last words would be!


How would you describe your personal style?
[It’s] a combination of delicate girly pieces with a bit of an edgy twist. I would choose a pretty dress over t-shirt and jeans any day. I guess you could call me a girly-girl. My looks tend to be clean cut, and semi-professional – think office casual. I add my own personal touch by accessorizing, and wearing pieces in vibrant colors as that represents my personality best. After all, fashion is about showcasing who you are and nothing screams BONNIE like electric blue, shocking pink, coral, sunshine yellow, and bright red!

What’s the trend for Summer 2012?
Summer is my favorite season of all and one of the reasons for that is Summer fashion! Here are my top 3 for Summer 2012: The beautiful high-low skirts that come in all colors, fabrics and prints; peplum tops/dresses, and of course the one color that has blown up on every blog, magazine, and even instagram: Mint Green.

*All HIGH-LOW SKIRTS are from Forever 21 for under $30!

*MINT GREEN: bangles from | pants & shoes from | clutch from | Mint Candy Apple by Essie

*PEPLUM: peach pencil dress & neon skirt from | floral dress from | peplum top from |

Are you big on trends or do you follow the beat of your own (style) drum?
Well, as a lover of fashion, I feel like you do have to keep up with the current trends. However, I also believe that you must take new trends and make it your own – make it unique, and most of all, make it YOU. I don’t hop on every new-trend bandwagon, I select the ones that I genuinely like, and that work for me and my personal style. Fashion is supposed to represent who you are, and I wouldn’t sacrifice my individuality to fit in.

What color best represents you?
Yellow! I was once told that if I were to be described in one word; it would be sunshine, and what other color could represent sunshine better than yellow could? I like to think I’m one of the most happy people in the world because I’m always constantly smiling or uncontrollably laughing.

Your favourite accessory?
This is easy, necklaces! I absolutely love wearing necklaces because they can change an entire look. They make outfits appear complete or well put together. For example, take a simple white v-neck tee and throw on a bold statement-making necklace and viola. You’ve gone from plain jane to chic chic chic!

The best thing about Vancouver?
I love the sense of community that Vancouver has. There are always events around the city that support local designers, and all types of entrepreneurs in general. It feels amazing to be a part of such a positive community, I could never leave Vancouver. Oh, and did I mention the view that locals are graced with every single day? Vancouver has some of the most magnificent views from every corner of the city!

What would your last words be if you were to die tomorrow?
I’d encourage people to continue fighting the ongoing battle for pure happiness in life. Do whatever it takes to stay happy, and the rest will fall into place. I’ve dedicated my life to keeping myself happy at all costs, and I can only hope that my happiness is out-of-control contagious to those around me.

You can check out her blog at


Let us know who your favourite fashion bloggers are! And what you’d like to see in upcoming Trendy Tuesdays. Till next week.. stay charged!