Mindblown Mondays- Millionaire Offers 5 Million RMB To Find Pure Wife

How far would you go to find that perfect someone out there? A mysterious Chinese billionaire apparently would pay 5 million yuan ($788,000) to find what he defines as a “pure wife”.

A special event entitled “Multi-Millionaire Seeking Spouses in Ten Cities Show” was held on May 20th in the Garden Hotel in Guangzhou. The event was a competition between 320 female contestants fighting for the heart of the mysterious wealthy man. A source from China Smack reported that the businessman requested a local matchmaking service to find the woman of his dreams in 10 cities across China for 5 million yuan.

But before you ladies out there fly yourself to China and enter the competition, there are some requirements that the billionaire has requested: the woman must be between 20-26 years old, weigh around 50kg, be no shorter than 162 cm and no taller than 170 cm, must have above junior college education, be good-looking, have a nice figure, and most importantly, must be “pure” (retain her virginity).

The Chinese billionaire also revealed a little bit about himself to grab the attention of the many girls: he’s under 50 years of age, is a well-known Chinese entrepreneur, enjoys golf and has a strong healthy body.

This sort of love-finding event for the rich has been increasingly popular over the years, and has encouraged young women over China to seek their wealth through gold-digging. Who says you can’t put a price on love?

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