This week, Foodie Fridays brings you to the shores of central Tokyo, Japan and into Tsukiji Fish Market – for none other reason than the popularity of Japanese cuisine!

If fish, fish, and fish are your first three loves, then travel no further than Tsukiji Market; it is one of the world’s largest fish markets and handles more than 2,000 tons of marine products per day! Tsukiji Market consists of an inner market for wholesale business and the famous tuna auctions, while an outer market houses retail shops and restaurants that cater to the public.

However, Foodie Fridays wants you to know where all this fresh fish can translate into edible, delicious, and nutritious sushi! And boy, a small sushi shop called Sushi Dai does all that and more. Take a look.

Sushi Dai, located within the Tsukiji Fish Market, is a small sushi shop that makes sushi fresh before each customer’s eyes, with each order made only after a customer has cleared their plate of their previous order. What’s more, sushi is served only in the morning, ensuring that any fish used by the chefs are literally fresh off the boat – not something an average sushi shop can do!

So listen, next time you visit Japan, just remember one thing: you haven’t done sushi right until you’ve been to Tsukiji; you owe it to yourself to eat sushi the way it was meant to be – fresh off the boat! Just be early though, line-ups do tend to get long.