Mind-Blown Mondays- IV Drips For Studying

Asian study habits are very perplex these days, but a middle school in China has taken it to the next level with the use of intravenous (IV) drips while studying in class.

Pictures have surfaced online from Hubei Xiaogan No. 1 Middle School. The school has stated that the students received extra amino acids for energy to study for their national college exams. This is an annual occurrence for the sake of boosting the student’s energy.

The dean of the school stated that each student receives 10 RMB  to prepare for the national college entrance exam, which includes the option of purchasing the amino acids from the medical clinic.

At first parents wanted the school to have amino acids injections available for their kids but the school did not allow this. However they found that it took students more than half a day to go out and receive the injections externally so the injections were approved in class.

An expert from Beijing said that it is difficult to inject amino acids into the body to receive energy and that the improper use of amino acids can cause imbalances of negative nitrogen within.

Professor Sun from the State Food and Drug Administration said that this is not only risky but also outrageous as students are vulnerable to infections and diseases. Students may also have their own health conditions such as allergic reactions to the injections.

With the pressure for students to do well in their exams, energy boosting drugs seem like a good option. What do you think of this peculiar method of studying?

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