Xia Junsu's First Solo Album

Kim Junsu (Xia) of JYJ has unveiled the latest music video from his first solo album, “Tarantallegra.”

If there is ever a poll for the most heart-throbbing idol in K-pop today, Junsu may very well win the poll by a landslide. Earlier this year, the idol participated in a Korean musical, “Elisabeth.” Although the musical opened 20 shows, tickets for all of them were sold minutes after they were available.

Judging from the enormous backing of fans, it appears Junsu has decided to meet with his fans once again very soon. Last week, his managing agency revealed that Junsu will be releasing his first solo album on May 15th. The album will contain 12 tracks including the Korean version of “Intoxication” which was released back in 2010. It has been reported that a majority of the songs were written by Junsu and even though this is a solo album, his fellow JYJ members and his brother contributed to the album as well. Korean-American rapper Flowsik of Aziatix is also featured on the title track.

Earlier today, the music video of the album’s title track was released via JYJ’s official YouTube channel. The word “tarantallegra” was previously used as the dancing spell from the Harry Potter series. Looking at the music video, it appears Junsu has cast the spell on us! The video is sure to get you off your feet as it consists of Junsu’s signature high-pitched vocals, powerful dance moves, and provocative visuals.

Following the album release, Junsu will be holding two concerts in Korea on May 19 and 20. After which, he will hold an Asia Tour visiting places including Indonesia, China, and Taiwan.

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