EVA Air Launches Hello Kitty Airplanes and Check-In Desk

Taiwanese Airline, EVA Air, has announced the transformation of two of it’s Airbus A330-300 planes and an airport check-in desk to bear the face of the world famous Hello Kitty.

In the past, EVA have collaborated with Japanese company, Sanrio, to create unique Hello Kitty themed planes intended to encourage travellers to fly by the airline. This is the third time EVA planes are being converted,  proving there must be some success in covering a plane with the feline’s face.

However this recent conversion is on another level compared to those in the past. Not only will customers flying the airline interact with Hello Kitty headrests, tissues, paper cups, utensils, hand-washing liquid, hand lotion and menus, but also receive custom Hello Kitty tickets and a fully decorated Hello Kitty check-in desk.

So if you’re a big Hello Kitty fan, then a trip on EVA air may just be the thing for you! If not, then you’re in for a major headache if you end up on the Hello Kitty plane.

Check out the video below for a full guide of the EVA Hello Kitty experience!

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