AX3- Robo Guard in South Korean Prison


Imagine a world with robots like the movie “iRobot” replacing the many daily things we see everyday.  There is no need for imagination anymore today, as robots are taking over the world. Robo-cops? Nah, welcome the Robo-Guard!

A prison in the city of Pohang, South Korea, is currently testing the world’s first robotic prison guard developed by the Asian Forum for Corrections, a South Korean research group who investigates in criminal and prison activites.


According to the chairman and the group of researchers, the sole purpose is to monitor and ensure security on the prisoner’s life and safety and to check on any abnormal acvitivites behind the jail bars. Another reason is to reduce the workload from correction officers.

The Robot

With four wheels to run on, equipped with 3D cameras and emotion-sensing hardware and software, along with microphones and antennas, it allows the controller to monitor and report any suspicious behavious or activites (ie: brawls or suicidal attempts). It also enables the controllers an anonymous patrolling or manual control via an iPad without having to leave the room.

The Future?

Confident to develop its robotics industry with its hefty investments, it is no doubt that South Korea is currently one of the strongest countries in developing the next generations of technology and robots in the world today.

Are humans becoming lazier or is technology allowing us to advance forward? What can we expect in the future of the robotics world? Let your imaginations flow and comment!

Check out this video explaining other software features and how it is controlled:

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