On March 10, JPOP sensation JIN AKANISHI came to town for his JAPONICANA World Tour, held at Vancouver’s The Centre of Performing Arts. The show opened with guest performers Emmalyn Estrada, and Joseph Vincent, to fire up the crowd in anticipation for Jin’s appearance. With the appearance of the two guests artists to build up energy, the fans eagerly welcomed Jin upon his grand entrance. Fans rose to their feet in excitement to provide a warm welcome to our guest of honour. Showcasing his latest R&B / Hip Hop hits from JAPONICANA album released last week, this was a brief rundown of Jin’s performance that night:

1. Sun Burns Down
2. Tell Me Where
3. Set Love Free
4. Body Talk
5. Like You
6. Pindom
– Intermission –
8. Aphrodisiac
9. Test Drive
10. Yellow Gold
11. Oowah
12. California Rock
– Encore –
13. Seasons

A very generous offering of track selection performed by Jin, keeping the energy alive all throughout the concert. His encore finisher “Seasons” was a delight to the crowd, sung in Japanese – a tad of fan service for our local community here. A quick Meet & Greet was held after the concert. We’re grateful that Jin Akanishi has chosen Vancouver as one of his stops for his first US World Tour JAPONICANA. A great night for Jin Akanishi, as he bid farewell to the fans: どもありがとう〜

We had the great honour of interviewing Jin before the show. If you’d like to take a peek at the interview, look forward to our April Issue of CHARGED Magazine. The magazine will be distributed at our list of distributors found here. The magazine will also be available for online viewing as well here.