2NE1 NEW Japanese Single Scream


The news of 2NE1‘s new Japanese single spread like wildfire after 2NE1 dance machine Minzy announced it through her me2day account a day ago. For all those Blackjacks (2NE1’s official fanclub) out there, you’ve got a treat coming soon on March 28th!

2NE1 wrapped up their promotions after their NOLZA concert and the YG Family concert 1 month ago and we get to see the 4 girls back again with their overseas promotions! 5 days later, their label mates, Big Bang will also be releasing their 5th mini-album. Seems like YG will push all their musical activites this spring!

Who’s excited? We might just get a chance to see their teasers coming up so watch out all you 2NE1 fans out there!

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