A Memorable Week for NBA Player Jeremy Lin

If I asked who was Jeremy Lin last week, many wouldn’t have a clue.  After events that occurred last and this week, the name Jeremy Lin has become the new NBA’s sensation.  Jeremy Lin has become viral as he trends throughout all social media outlets and news sources after his sensational performances over the last three games. As the only Asian American of Taiwanese descent to play in the NBA, he has shined to the occasion.

On February 4th, the New York Knicks faced the New Jersey Nets at the famous Madison Square Garden. With 3:35 left in the first quarter, Lin stepped on the floor on a substitution and started his magical run. At first, he was playing very well coming off the bench with 4 points and 3 assists, then after he started to create more incredible drives and passes to Jared Jefferies and Tyson Chandler. The crowd was in awe with Lin’s performance. Every time Jeremy touches the ball, the crowd was cheering him and anticipating for something amazing. He was cheered by the MSG crowd as Jeremy chants filled the whole arena. His 25 points off the bench, at the time being, was his career high; he also registered 7 assists, 5 rebounds and 2 steals in the 99-92 win over the Nets.

In the following Knicks game (Monday Feb. 6th), Lin was the starting Point Guard for the team. Up against the Utah Jazz, he continued what he started last game against the Nets as he was able to out do himself again. He broke his previous record with 28 points and 8 assists in the game.  Two days later, he did it again against the Wizard. He was able to score 23 points and register a career-high 10 assists while being guarded by the number one pick of the 2010 draft (which was also Lin’s draft year), John Wall.

As an Asian American, he has come a role model for many Asians around the world. His exceptional performance has started the fads of “Linspiration”,  “Linsanity” and “Linwagon” as the name Jeremy Lin has gone viral. Also, his feel good story has inspired the music scene as artists MC Jin and Gowe have done singles that illustrates Jeremy’s hard work. In addition, sport clothing brand Nike has endorsed Lin as he wears their clothing and footwear and they made a Nike Pro Training video on how to dribble like Jeremy.

MC Jin, “Nick of Time”


Nike Pro Skill, Jeremy Lin, Two Ball Zig-Zags

“J. Lin” also has his own channel where he vlogs and does shorts with KevJumba and Ryan Higa. Some popular videos of Jeremy Lin are “How to Get into Harvard” featuring Ryan Higa and “Preparing for the NBA” from KevJumba’s second channel, JumbaFund. Check them out below!

How to Get into Harvard ft. Ryan Higa

Preparing for the NBA ft. Jeremy Lin – KevJumba Video

This week, the spotlight is on Lin as he reflect back on the week of Linsanity. He continues to stay true to his root as he embraces who he is, his ethnicity and his beliefs. The magical ride for Jeremy Lin continues as he faces Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers at Madison Square Garden on Friday.

Are you part of this Linsanity group? Do you think Jeremy can become the ultimate NBA star? Comment below!