AX3 is proud to present one of our biggest contests giveaways to date! We have on our hands 7 pairs of tickets to give to our loyal fans to the CSA Charity Singing Contest ft. Kary Ng (吳雨霏). To begin, we have set up many tasks for our loyal readers to win these tickets! The more you interact with us here at AX3, the higher the chance of winning including those coveted VIP tickets!

We have already begun giving away the $28 tickets. That requires you to log into our Facebook page and simply liking the post that announces the CSA Singing contest! We have 3 pairs of those tickets!

The $38 tickets will require the contestant to LIKE this post that will show up on the AX3 Facebook page. From there answer this one question. In which year did Kary Ng last perform in Vancouver and for what event?  Leave your answers on the comments section on Facebook! We have 2 pairs in this level.

The next level of tickets are the $68 tickets. This requires a Facebook like on the post as well as RT the following. One pair is up for grabs to if you have twitter, be sure to enter!

I entered to win a pair of tix to CSA Charity Singing Contest ft KARY NG via @ax3battery #CSAKaryNg http://bit.ly/wtQxzk RT to Enter!

The final pair of tickets are those coveted VIP tickets. For this, you must do ALL OF THE ABOVE and leave a comment in our comment section of this post by telling us what is your favourite Kary Ng and/or Cookies song! There is one pair of VIP tickets so one lucky winner will be able to win the ultimate prize!

Its that simple! The more you do, the higher chance you have of winning the tickets! Winners will be chosen on Feb 8th 2012. So act quickly and tell all your friends! As a reminder, here is our Facebook page again!

Good Luck!