SHE Ella is getting married 1 AX3

Breaking News! Taiwanese singer/actress Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) from S.H.E , has just recently announced on her Weibo account that she is getting married on May 5th this year with her Malaysian boyfriend Alvin Lai (賴斯翔)! After dating for around a year, and months of speculation from the media,  they are finally settling down for marriage life!

Just a few months ago, Selina Jen got married and now it’s Ella’s turn! This news came somewhat suddenly and indeed shocked fans all over Asia. Here is a rough translation on her post:

“Holding hands, and cherishing this moment, I’m very happy! Yes, I… am finally getting married… rumours have been going around for a while now, thanks everyone for keeping such a close eye~ I’ll share the news on here~ We are really getting married this year. Here’s wishing everyone luck in meeting their true love, and then don’t forget to hold on tight to each other, as well as love and care for each other! It’s the fourth day of Lunar Year, happy new year~”

Her boyfriend Alvin then commented:

“I’m lucky, I will cherish you, and will give you eternal happiness. I love you.”

Also, check out her new movie trailer ” New Perfect Two”. Isn’t this such a good timing?

The AX3 team would like to congratulate this loving couple and may their future be bright and full of happiness!

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