The first season of Dream High aired last year, and was one of the top Korean dramas of 2011. Featuring an ensemble cast of popular Korean idols, the show caught on the Glee craze of North America as it documented the journey of six art students following their dreams to become Korean entertainers. 

For those that absolutely loved the first season, you can rejoice as Dream High will be back for a second season due to popular demand! With a similar storyline as the first, the show has been revamped with another impressive list of actors. This new cast includes: Kang Sora, Jinwoon of 2AM, Jiyeon of T-ARA, Hyorin of SISTAR, and Kahi of Afterschool. 

The only member to be returning from the first season will be J.Y. Park, who will be playing teacher Yang Jin Man for the second time. Meanwhile, Kim Soohyun will be making a cameo as Song Sam Dong from the original run. Rumours have it that more members from the first season will be making cameos.

Artists from SM Entertainment (home to groups such as Girls’ Generation, f(x), Super Junior and SHINee) were originally planned to be a part of this production, but SM pulled out due to stressful schedules for their artists.

The show is set to air in 2 weeks on January 30th on KBS2.