Japan Stores Offer Foreigner Discounts

Since the March 11 tsunami earthquake disaster, Japan has been recovering steadily with Government schemes to encourage tourism in the country such as giving away free flights. However the latest ploy to attract the many overseas travellers is to offer discounts to shoppers based on their passports.

Nikkei Newspaper has reported that Isetan Mitsukoshi, one of Japan’s biggest department store companies, has been offering products 5 percent off for shoppers from “China, Taiwan and other foreign markets”. However a strange condition has been set for this new scheme: the foreign shoppers must be holders of a selection of credit cards from their home countries, but must pay in cash while they are in Japan, since their credit cards won’t work overseas.

Tourism is starting to pick up again in Japan, despite being ravaged by the natural disasters. A report by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) stated that Japan’s tourism industry has made a rapid recovery much faster than expected and has recovered to a state either similar to or even better than forecasts before the disasters occurred. It’s only a matter of time before the land of the rising sun will be completely flourishing and recovered, but till then schemes such as foreigner discounts are being employed to get Japan’s economy back on track.

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