Beijing's New Superhero- Chinese Redbud Woman1

Beijing had quite an eventful Christmas eve with the appearance of a new masked female “superhero” who called herself “Zijing Woman” (紫荆侠) or the “Chinese Redbud Woman”. Donning low-cut black tights, a black cape and a blue face mask, this new superhero handed out clothing and gifts to the beggars and homeless folk on the streets of Beijing.

Earlier this year in May, a woman in Hong Kong dressed in a similar fashion handed out food and cash to local residents under the same name. Her actions received a large amount of attention in Hong Kong.

The Beijing Superhero announced her appearance on her microblog, saying “Today is my first day as the Chinese Redbud Woman, feeling a little nervous. Already prepared the military coats and food for the elderlies, also many thanks to the hand warmer my friend gave me”. She also stated that this wasn’t just a publicity stunt and that she wanted to help people in need.

She made appearances in front of a bookstore, a subway station and other various locations, handing out clothing and gifts to the homeless which made her a quick sensation both in Beijing and all over the internet.

According to Sichuan Online, only after a dozen tweets, she already had more than 7000 fans. Netizens have very different opinions of her, both praising and criticizing her. However the one thing they all agree on is that her attire isn’t suited for the Winter.

Comments include:

“What a body ~~”
“This is another kind of charity, sexy charity.”
“For sure her motivation is to become famous. It is necessary to dress like this when doing good?”
“Her breasts are really big”

This new Beijing sensation has stirred up a lot of debate online, whether her actions are just for a publicity stunt or if she just means to help those in poverty have a merry Christmas. But the homeless who she’s helped out must surely be grateful for her actions.

You can see her in action in the gallery below!