As we say goodbye to 2011, the team at AX3 has taken a look back at the articles we have shared with you all this past year. We are progressing towards being a leading news source of Asian Pop-culture and Entertainment, and we would like to thank all of our readers for your support in helping us reach our goal.

That being said, take a look at the 10 most popular posts on the AX3 website in 2011. Click the thumbnails to view the post!

10. New Korean Boy Band Group – “Boyfriend”

In May, Starship Entertainment debuted a new six-member Kpop group known as Boyfriend. They announced that their first single would be “Boy Friend”, named after the group.

9. G.E.M. Get Everybody Moving 2011 – Live in Vancouver & Toronto

Hong Kong pop sensation Gloria Tang, more popularly known as Get Everybody Moving (G.E.M.), announced that she would be performing in two popular cities in Canada as part of her “Get Everybody Moving 2011” concert series. The Vancouver show was held on December 16th, and the Toronto show was held on December 19th. AX3 partnered up with BnK Talents to provide our readers with ticket prices and more information about the Vancouver event.

8. FHM’s 100 Most Sexiest Women in the World 2010

Fiona Xie

Popular UK magazine For Him Magazine (FHM) released their list of the Top 100 Most Sexiest Women in the World of 2010, and we noticed a lot of Asian girls in the mix. Names such as Angelababy, Chrissie Chau, SNSD, Wonder Girls, Hyuna (from 4minute), Gillian Chung, Barbie Hsu, and Felicia Chin beat out most North American A-list stars. This post also has a lot of pictures to prove that these Asian girls deserved to be on this list.

7. New Korean Bi-Racial Girl Group “Chocolat” Debut

On August 17, Paramount Music debuted a new Korean “Bi-racial” group, known as Chocolat. What makes them Bi-racial? Their member base consists of 2 Korean girls, and 3 half-Korean and half-Caucasian girls. The group debuted with their first single “Syndrome” on the 17th, and we shared some behind the scenes footage of their practices.

6. S.H.E. Selina’s First Public Appearance Since Her Accident

In 2010, S.H.E.’s Selina had a horrific accident while filming, causing third degree burns all over her body. After three months of surgery, she had recovered enough to make a public appearance. This press conference was filled with her thanking all of the people who have helped in her recovery, and the fans for still believing in her.

5. Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Wedding Photos Exposed

Hong Kong superstars Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung held a wedding in the Philippines that their parents didn’t even know about. The photos were uploaded by the hired photographer without the celebrities’ management knowing, causing the images to become viral and circulate quickly around the internet.

4. Trendy Tuesday: Top 10 iPhone 4 Cases

Part of our Daily Charge series, Trendy Tuesday looks at popular Asian fashion trends around the world. This segment features accessories for the popular Apple iPhone 4. These cases will not only protect your phone, but are sure to impress and start up a conversation.

3. Linda “Pikachu” Liao is Asia’s Rank #1 StarCraft 2 Diamond Player

Taiwanese singer, actress, and VJ Linda Liao revealed her other hobby; Starcraft 2. Using the handle “Pikachu“, the internet was shocked to hear she was one of the top players in Asia’s Online League. She also placed 1st in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) Female Gaming StarCraft II Cup held in 2010. Shortly after this annoucement, she was shortly offered to join Team Razer, one of the most successful professional-gaming teams in the world.

2. Banana Taipei Releases New Colorways of Their Banane Bag

Banana Taipei’s Banane Bag is an affordable solution that resembles the classic Hermès Birkin Handbag but costs around $50 USD. When they announced their Winter collection, readers came to AX3 to check out the colourways and inquire where to purchase the bags.

1. Hong Kong Government is Giving Away $6000 to Every Adult

In March 2011, The Hong Kong Government announced that because of a 71.5 billion HKD surplus, they would be giving their citizens a piece of the pie. Being one of the first news outlets to report about it, this post continues to receive the most views daily. The team at AX3 are doing the best we can to find updates to this cashout, now known as “Scheme $6000”.