EXO Korean Boyband AX3

One of South Korea’s top entertainment company, SM Entertainment, finally announced the debut of two new boy groups   EXO-M and EXO-K) which were rumoured long ago by netizens and released teasers starting on Dec 23rd. The name was inspired by Exoplanet which describes planets outside of the solar system.

SM Entertainment’s marketing efforts and tactics consistently used social media (Facebook) and video sharing platforms (Youtube) to release teasers and create global awareness to spread their music internationally. This time, they hope to embark even more success with their global audience by releasing the same song catered to both Korea and China on the same day same time.

So far, they have released 3 members from the boy groups: Kai, Lu Han, and Tao; with Lu Han and Tao both from China. KAI (17 years old) with a height of 182 cm, and possesses broad range of dancing skills from ballet, jazz, and hip hop. The 21 year-old Lu Han with a flower boy pretty face, also has great dancing skills; and lastly Tao, who is a martial artist demonstrates strong and impressive wushu skills in the teaser video below.

By releasing the debut stage and song to both Koreans and Chinese at the same time will be a hit or miss, but in the mean time, lets enjoy these well done teasers, (despite SM’s overuse of slo-mo rotating cameras) and let’s all wait for more information from these boys! They seem very promising, don’t you think?