Fans have waited a long time for a new release by BoA; it’s been almost a year and a half.

On Oct 13, however, during Audio-Technica’s 50th anniversary celebration, BoA – who is an advertising model for Audio-Technica – surprised fans with a debut of her upcoming single, “Milestone.”

BoA tweeted on Oct 13, “Audio-Technica 50th anniversary, congratulations! The song ‘Milestone’ made its debut; I was nervous but I enjoyed it! The music is touching!”

A fan present at the anniversary celebration recorded a 7-second sneak preview of BoA’s “Milestone,” and posted it on YouTube.

BoA’s single is due for release on Dec 7, in CD and DVD format. The CD will feature her new song, “Milestone,” as well as the BEST&USA version of “Meri Kuri” and a previously released song, “I See Me.” The DVD will feature the “Milestone” MV as well as footage on the making of the MV – a total 30 min. worth of content.

On Dec 10 and 11, BoA will be holding her annual Christmas live at Tokyo International Forum.

Check out the track list below!



01. Milestone
02. I SEE ME
03. Meri Kuri ~BEST & USA Version~
04. Milestone -Instrumental-


01. Milestone Music Video
02. 10th Anniversary Film (Tentative Title)
03. Making-of Clip
Duration: approximately 30 minutes


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