Jayesslee - "Fall in Love" Vancouver - Concert Review

The Korean-Australian twins Janice and Sonia Lee, otherwise known as Jayesslee, are one of the most popular independent artists on YouTube. With almost 250,000 subscribers and over 38 million video views, the duo has garnered fans worldwide. Having gone on previous tours, they recently stopped in Vancouver, Canada for a sold-out event at the Croatian Cultural Centre, presented by I AM MADE Entertainment.

Kicking off the event was the string trio, Infinitus, composed of members: John “Adidam” Littlejohn, and twins Alex and Anthony Cheung. With two violins, a cello, and Adidam on the mic, the three musicians provided a very unique approach to music by blending the genre of classical with hip-hop compositions and arrangements.

Next on the list was Ezra Kwizera. For those that attended the last Inspire Concert back in May, Ezra will be a familiar face. But this time around, the former Rwandan refugee demonstrated his musical talent on the guitar rather than the traditional reggae and soca. His set involved a lot of audience interaction, and really got the crowd moving.

As Ezra completed his opening set, the concert organizer, Ian Nsenga, stepped on to the stage and presented a touching poem dedicated to his fellow brother and best friend, Sean Mazimpaka, who passed away in August.

With the crowd in a bit of a gloomy state, Jay Calder was then introduced on stage, and quickly changed all that. In between his series of deadpan jokes, the guitarist demonstrated his outstanding talent with the instrument as the audience slowly dropped their jaws. But before ending his set, Jay came to the Inspired Concert as a representative of World Vision. By showing a video and speaking about his experiences, his actions motivated a number of people to sponsor a child.

At this point in time, the crowd which was beginning to show signs of anxiousness finally got to see what they came for. As the twins came on to the stage, the audience in unison immediately erupted in cheers. For those that couldn’t make it and are curious, yes, the twins look even more wonderful than in their videos!

Starting off with a little bit of chatter, the girls talked about how much they loved the city of Vancouver. Did you know that the three things they loved most about the city was: maple syrup, Japadog, and the sold-out event?! The two quickly got comfortable and started with Jessie J’s “Price Tag.”

Throughout their hour long set, the twins demonstrated their raw and beautiful talents live by playing various covers from their channel. For the majority of fans, this was the first time they got to hear the duo sing in person, and no one was disappointed. The crowd even got to see the girls make their “ugly faces” when they were singing, because according to Janice, they tend to do that.

As with most concerts, Jayesslee also provided a bonus treat for all their lovely fans. Not found on their channel, the twins played songs such as Maroon 5’s catchy “Sunday Morning”, and the song to which Switchfoot is best known for, “Dare You to Move.” In addition, the girls performed an original song that they wrote during a time of struggle that is fittingly titled, “Failure in Disguise.”

Ending the set, the girls performed a cover of the Far East Movement’s hit single, “Rocketeer,” live for the very first time. Leaving the stage, chants of encore could heard throughout the venue, but sadly, that didn’t happen.

Overall, the event went fairly smooth. The stage was beautifully designed, lighting and sound were in check, and most of all, the performances were amazing. But if you to debate on which part of the show was the most memorable, it would definitely have to go to Jayesslee’s testimony about the power of God.

18 years ago, Sonia and Janice first heard about their mother being diagnosed with breast cancer. Being only 7 years old, the twins were ignorant as to why people would cry upon hearing the news. As life went on, the cancer spread further to other places in their mother’s body.

Growing up in a Christian environment, the girls began to question God. They thought that if God truly loved them, why would he allow such a thing to happen to their mother? Why would he not cure her of her illnesses? The girls would eventually find out that God had a plan for everyone, and redeemed his actions by allowing them to spend the last week with their mother in peace.