It’s only been a little more than a month since Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop” track took over the charts. But earlier today, it was announced that promotions for the single has ended early due to the nature of the performances. This is reminiscent of Hyuna’s solo debut track, “Change”, which also drew criticism for its provocative dancing.

The Korea Broadcasting and Communications Review Committee (KCC) issued a notice that stated the choreography and outfits for “Bubble Pop” were “too sexually suggestive”. The music video also received much criticism from the committee who felt that it too was overly suggestive and too stimulating for public viewing.

The KCC had asked Cube Entertainment to change Hyuna’s choreography for the catchy single, but with the dance a huge part of the song, the entertainment agency decided to just completely end all promotions for the album’s title track.

What do you think about the KCC’s decision on this issue? Many people are currently wondering why the committee decided to ban the track a month after the initial promotions.

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