Fake Apple Stores Spotted in China

The city of Kunming, China, several Apple stores were spotted in their busy downtown core. The store has the glass exterior appearance, the iPod prints, the Apple products and even the staffs were dress in blue with their name tag hanging around their neck like we see in regular Apple stores. According to the Apple Store locator, the only Apple Stores in China are located in Beijing and Shanghai. Did Apple opened more without announcing them? Or is it fake?

Sadly, it is a fake and some flaws were exposed right in front of our own eyes. One flaw is shown right in the front of the entrance. The sign incorporates the  “Apple Store” in text below the logo. In real Apple stores, it would only have the Apple icon glowing white with black box background. The staffs were wearing generic name tages just labeled staff as real one would have “Specialist” or names on them. What makes it more shocking is that according to BirdAbroad, he discovered two more knock off stores within the 10 minutes walking radius. One of the store misspelling “Apple Store” with “Apple Stoer”. I hope Steve Jobs is looking at this as more faux Apple stores are bound to pop up and legal teams are to be ready with IPR (Intelectual Property Rights) lawsuits.

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