Just can’t get enough of McDonald’s wide variety of fast foods? McDonald’s Restaurants in Hong Kong are now launching a new second batch of cute and realistically looking mini food strap accessories again on June 23rd!

McDonald’s once again captures the hearts of young people in Hong Kong with its recent release of its food strap collectibles that replicates mini-sized McDonald’s signature food selections. These ever- so- popular accessories have been inspired by the Japan McDonald’s food strap designs, and it has successfully created a large wave of collecting trend by bringing the first round of mini food strap collectibles to Hong Kong which were released earlier in the beginning of this year.

This new second set features six main mini strap designs: Hash Browns, Sausage McMuffin, Sweet Potato Pie, Shake Shake Chicken, McDonald’s Restaurant and McDonald’s Golden Arch. By purchasing $15 HKD worth of food, one mini food strap can be exchanged by paying an extra $10. There are two additional special designs: Salad Marinade Muffin and Bacon and Egg McGriddle; that they give out upon purchase of a whole complete box set at participative McDonald’s Restaurants across Hong Kong.

Don’t you just want to go to Hong Kong and see how they taste like while collecting these trendy new strap accessories ?

Source: McDonald’s Milk