4minute Releases “4minutes Left” Album

4minute Releases “4minutes Left” Album

After releasing their Heart to Heart EP last week, 4minute has finally released their first full length Korean album, 4minutes Left. Featuring songs from Heart to Heart, it also contains songs from their Japanese album, Diamond, as well as two title tracks: “Mirror Mirror” and “Badly”.

As with Heart to Heart, reception to the album has been mixed. Many expected more new content than the included two tracks. With the hype that Cube Entertainment created with the Steal 20 teasers, netizens feel that “Mirror Mirror” lacks the punch and fierceness that they were anticipating, especially when compared with previous chart topping hits such as “HuH” and “Hot Issue”.

However, netizens also noticed that in “Mirror Mirror”, there’s no use of auto-tune allowing the girls to demonstrate their vocals much clearer. As for the second title track “Badly”, reception is much better received compared to “Mirror Mirror” with it being a beautiful slow beat, something the girls aren’t known for.

1. 4minutes Left
2. Mirror Mirror (거울아 거울아)
3. Heart to Heart
4. Sweet Suga Honey!
5. Pretend (모르는 척)
6. You Know
7. Already Gone
8. First (Korean Version)
9. Hide & Seek
10. Badly (나쁘게)

After listening to their new tracks, what do you think of the direction that 4minute is heading in?

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