Dance from MV

Earlier today, 4minute released an EP to accompany their “Heart to Heart” teaser as part of their comeback. Featuring five different tracks, Heart to Heart is full of bubbly, and feel good beats.

1. 4minutes Left (Intro)
2. Heart to Heart
3. Sweet Suga Honey!
4. You Know
5. 모르는 척 (Pretend)

So far, reception from netizens have been mixed. Many are questioning the concept of the EP, and the whole deal with Steal 20. The laid-back, cute, and girly tracks have drawn comparison to 2NE1, especially “Heart to Heart”, which netizens say sounds like 2NE1’s Go Away.

Many netizens actually expected Steal 20 to be released today following suit with the provocative, yet classy teasers released daily over the past week. But word on the street is that Heart to Heart was released to contrast with the upcoming Steal 20 album. Regardless, netizens are all puzzled why Cube Entertainment would confuse the public with their poor order of teasers.

On a good note, many females are raving about the appearance of CNBlue’s Jungshin in the MV.