Heres a clip that surfaced online recently, it features a bank heist in China. Of course, any sort of regular heist caught on tape is news, but this one man does the job exceptionally different. The criminal walks into the bank, throws on his ski mask, then attempts to break the bulletproof reinforced shatter proof glass with a measly small hammer. While all this goes on, the tellers scream and panics while waiting for the police to arrive. Hit the jump for the video

The robber itself takes roughly 4 minutes to attempt to break the glass, He eventually gets in and begins to pocket the cash. As you can see in the video below, he makes a small hole in which the robber himself had trouble trying to get in. By the time he’s done he attempts to crawl back out the hole and the police rush in. Well, there was no negotiation, the police shoot first, ask questions later.

Darthchilli says this is FAIL

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