No Pants Subway Ride in Taipei

Following the example of Improv Everywhere’s No Pants Subway Ride in New York, Taiwan adopts its own version as a promotion campaign for Reebok.  The 20 female models that were recruited for the event showed up during rush hour at one of Taipei’s busiest subway station wearing normal, everyday outfits on their upper bodies, with nothing but panties on the lower.  Together, they strutted casually into the station and onto the train, while showing off their long, slender legs and keeping a straight face the entire time.

Although some consider this daring stunt an effective marketing campaign with “eye-catching visuals” on Reebok’s part, others—perhaps more conservative Taiwanese—might find it offensive and an infringement on moral grounds.

No Pants Subway Rides have been a hit in many western cities, such as New York, Chicago and Sydney; however the only Asian city that has ever been involved is Tokyo, and now Taipei.

Do you think a No Pants Subway Ride can be pulled off (teehee) in your city? Would you be daring enough to participate in one?