Petition Started to get KARA Disbanded

A person named “Burning” started a petition on Daumn to get the Korean girl group, KARA, to disband. Because the girls have been having issues with their management company DSP media, it’s taking a toll on their popularity. The petition started on February 18th, 2011 named as “KARA just disband.” And in hopes to make this happen, they’re trying to get 100,000 members. But so far, they only got 665 and still increasing. The person who started this petition, “Burning,” commented about saying parents stopping their children’s paths and it would be better if they didn’t see KARA anymore.

Not so sure what that is about. But KARA getting disbanded is a big move and a big toll to take by their management. What will happen if KARA wins the case battle and their contracts end early? Will the group disband? All their hard work on making debuts in Japan will be a loss. Maybe another music company wil see the light and pick them up. What are your thoughts?