Yoshiki, the drummer, pianist and the often outspoken leader of X Japan recently collaborated with cutting edge designer JayFR to release a clothing collection to be named “YOSHIKIMONO”. The collaboration is set to feature Japanese and international models set to debut at the ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION fashion event in March. The clothing itself focuses on combining aesthetic Japanese influences infused with  western progressive designs that will keep the Rock & Roll visuals that has made YOSHIKI so famous.

YOSHIKI is heard quoting ” They can’t exist without each other. I come from Visual Kei roots, and in that music style, fashion is a very important element.” Of course, with this, Yoshiki also opens up about his past saying that his parents use to run a KIMONO store and that this is something to commemorate their hard work as well.

Rumors are also swirling in Japan that Yoshiki is finally set to debut his side project VIOLET UK at the ASIA GIRLS EXPLOSION event. As many would know, VIOLET UK has been in production since the late 90’s so this would be a big event for Yoshiki and him team.

It seems like a big year for X Japan and Yoshiki, but this project, I kind of question the idea behind it. I know in Japan, Yoshiki can do whatever he pleases though, so it comes to no surprise. The fact that he also has stated that he wishes to experiment the YOSHIKIMONO project at a future X JAPAN live at the Tokyo Dome really gets me thinking what else can’t YOSHIKI do.