Joyland Amusement Park

Are you tired of playing too much Starcraft and World of Warcraft? Well maybe it’s time for you to take a break and visit the Starcraft/World of Warcraft theme parks!

Joyland World is the name of the amusement park that is currently under construction in China. The park is complete with Starcraft and Warcraft-themed rides, attractions, and gaming museums and arenas. The two sub-parks are named “Universe of Starcraft” and “Terrain of Warcraft”. Pictures reveal the heavy influence of characters and buildings from the two games in the creation of the park.

The only problem is that Blizzard Entertainment hasn’t officially endorsed the park, so we’re not sure about the future of the park (Storcraft/Worcraft anyone?).

You can view their official site (in Chinese) for more information.

Check out some more pictures of the concepts after the jump!