Make Sushi Out of Popin' Cookin' Powdered Candy

Ever wondered if you could make sushi out of powder, and it actually looks realistic, and you could eat it? Well, all this is made possible by Popin’ Cookin’, a Japanese company Kracie produces these items. They are actually powdered candy. They come in packages in different types of cuisine. It comes with all the pre-packaged powders for the items. In the sushi box, the moulds, rice, tuna, egg, and seaweed are all in there. No cooking is required, just water. The rice amazingly turns into little blobs of sticky rice. And to make the massago, an orange powder is mixed, and then it is dropped into this solution, which then turns these droplets into individual pieces. Popin’ Cookin’ aren’t the only ones who make this kind of weird stuff, a Japanese famous candy maker, Meiji, makes these too. You don’t have to be a world class chef to make these sweet treats; they might just look too cute to eat. Check out the videos below.


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