Laughing Gor is Back in a New Series "Salute Laughing Sir"

Remember back in 2009, TVB’s police and crime TV series, “E.U.” (“Emergency Unit,” 學警狙擊) became a big hit, and Laughing Gor (梁笑棠) played by Michael Tse (謝天華) was every where. People even started Facebook groups, and Facebook games demanding that Laughing Gor would revive from the dead. And to catch on the hype, TVB decides to make a film about Laughing Gor called “Turning Point” with a lot of big name actors like Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Felix Wong (黃日華), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), and more. But it wasn’t a big blockbuster hit movie. And, a little over year later, they decide to do a sequel, “Salute Laughing Sir,” or what they call it as “SLS.” This time it will be more focused on Laughing Gor’s relationship side, since they didn’t show a lot of it before; and also giving the audience a fresh new feeling for the main character, Laughing Gor. This series will also include Damien Lau (劉松仁).

Is TVB starting to run out of ideas to make new TV series? Or are they just trying to catch on to the end of the “trend” and hope that it will work? What are your hopes on the new Laughing Gor TV drama?