Malaysian Man Violently Beats Up Dog Because It Can't Stand on 2 Legs

A very graphic video popped up on YouTube (VIEWER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED, THE VIDEO CONTAINS SCENES OF VIOLENCE) about, what seems to be a Chinese man training his dog. He tried to train his dog to stand up on its back legs and hold its hands in a certain way. But, as we all know, training a dog takes time. The dog couldn’t do what he wanted, so he hits it constantly, throwing it across the room, on to the floor, violently smacking the dog. You can even hear the dog squeak when he hits it. The cruelest part is that the girl is actually filming this, for 15 minutes and she didn’t even try to stop him from doing that. Comments on the video say that they might be Maylasian, since the shopping bag is from there, some say that this was randomly found in a thumb drive in Malaysia. Or they could’ve just gotten back from vacation, seeing that they have an opened luggage shown in the video. Animal cruelty is not be taken into consideration, they are pets to be cared for.