Heroic Hong Kong Man Savaged by Thousands of Asian Giant Hornet

In Hong Kong, a 49 years old man named Brother Hoi (開哥), had been attacked by swarm of Asian Giant Hornets when he tried to eliminate the beehive located by his house.  Asian Giant Hornet is one of the biggest hornet species and it is notorious for its lethal venom.  Its body length is approximately 2 inches long with a 3 inches wingspan. 

Brother Hoi has been long complained by his neighbour about the massive beehive around his house.  He tried to contact the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department to remove the nest, but no arrangement was made due to time conflict.  Brother Hoi decided to remove the beehive by himself so he covered his face with weak material and used a broom as his tool.  When he poke the hive open, he was immediately attacked by flood of hornets.  He immediately rushed to another room.  Since he was stung with the venom, the scent of the toxin allowed the hornets to locate him and he has to find refuge in another room.  He shut the door and killed the remaining hornets that followed him with a book.

The Fire Services and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department were later notified and they used a special type of chemical to remove the beehive.  They later rescued Brother Hoi and brought him to the hospital to check for serious injury.

Let’s applaud Brother Hoi’s heroic bravery.

Youtube video (in Cantonese):